Writing Samples

Here are some of my writing samples to give you an idea of my writing range and versatility.

Business & Features

  1. Great Eastern Cover Story (PDF)
  2. Financial Planning For Everyone (PDF)
  3. The Rise Of Esports (PDF)


  1. Leading Law Firms in Malaysia – http://top10malaysia.com/main/leading-law-firms-in-malaysia-the-top-10/ (PDF)
  2. MD & A section of Karyon Industries Bhd 2017 Annual Report – http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/viewHtml?e=2778216 (PDF)
  3. Architects 61 Sdn Bhd – https://www.top10asia.org/main/architects-61-sdn-bhd/ (PDF)
  4. Datin Winnie Loo: Staying Power (PDF)
  5. Genius Aulad: Redesigning Islamic Preschool Globally (PDF)
  6. Wayback Burgers: Leading a Burger Revolution (PDF)
  7. Bellworth Developments: Enhancing True Essence Of Township (PDF)
  8. Other profiles (PDF 1, PDF 2)


  1. NAVEEN Organic – The Trusted Choice (Link)
  2. Pregnant After 40, Naturally (Link)
  3. Postpartum Pampering at Happy Baby Confinement Centre (Link)


  1. Blissfully & Tastefully Organic (Link)
  2. Lunch Buffet @ Kwee Zeen, Sofitel KL (Link)
  3. Buka Puasa Delights at CITTA Mall (Link)

Events & Happenings

  1. REI Homefinder@Medini Study Tour (PDF)


  1. Sundrenched Bliss – Sorrento (PDF)
  2. Meandering Manila (PDF)
  3. Uniquely Scotland (PDF)
  4. Charming Chengdu (PDF)

Family & Relationships

  1. Mates for Life (PDF)